Off-Take Agreements

Unicor signs “off-take” agreement to secure supplies on long term basis. UNICOR has the financial strength to give you confidence in counterpart performance and dependability. You have the ability to collect promptly or use our agreement as your collateral for dealing with financiers and other business partners.

Company News

FBR inquiry against officials

FBR tax collection surpasses Rs551 bn target

Who We Are

UNICOR Supplies Limited is your partner for marketing, sourcing, and financing in the Petrochemicals, Biofuels, Environmental Products, Natural Gas And Lng, Coal, Iron Ore, Base Metals, Metals, Minerals, And Mining – Unicor, importer of soft commodities, agricultural products, Pesticides, Urea, DAP, Seeds, Palm Oil, Soyabean, Corn, Wheat, Sugar, and also deals in Diary Sector and import Cattle from the USA Purebred Holstein, Jersey, etc.

Unicor first incorporated and registered in KOREA since April 01, 2011. It was incorporated with a basic objective to expand geographically to increase up the market share in the trade sector. We have an object to attain consistent growth in our trading activities with strategic alliances and partnerships with supply chain members and consumers – we operate to optimize the mutual benefits for the supply chain.

Unicor Supplies Limited registered in Pakistan during 2020 to enter in Pakistani market by ensuring satisfaction for consumers in Trading, Import/Export sectors – We have plan to enter in Agriculture, Dairy, Real Estate, Energy, Textile, Transport sectors with special focus on supplying soft commodities like Palm Oil, Soyabean, Corn, Wheat, Sugar etc from local and international market. We aim to reduce gaps between the sellers & the buyers in the international market.

Our Performance

Unicor 90%
Competitor One 70%
Competitor Two 50%

UNICOR is a trade house with global offices – always motivated to sign synergies for mutual benefits of trade partners and customers.

We provide financial services to support the trade and working capital under the strategic alliance agreements and synergies developed with trade partners and customers.

Unicor help your businesses by signing long term supply agreements – we offer best possible prices/services to the end consumers and trade partners.

Unicor is not relying on any customer to finance the trade, we lock, hold the stock at our own strength for the trade partners and customers – hence we can offer the best possible prices for the supply chain members.

We offer customized services for the customers – we meet their requirements in the supply chain, in case, if they have a preference we take care of specifications of goods as demanded by the customers.

Unicor presence internationally – you may contact the Pakistan office at and head office at Korea at In case if your businesses are in GCC region, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China then you should contact the Pakistan office for support in local and international trade.

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